In the heart of cultural and sporting life

In reception, we enjoy sharing some warm and precious moments. With our desire for a warm and friendly welcome, a “building that has a soul” (as number of customers say) and a 1st order location, we lead to accommodate many personalities. The few photos or texts below are just a sample because we do not run the autograph, to leave calm and rest to personalities often too subject to the constraints of the limelight.

Show and celebrities

  • Filming: Jeanne Moreau, JP Marielle, Claude Rich, Director: Josée Dayan, in the filming of the film “Bouquet final”, in 2010
  • Francophone Film Festival (FFA): Diane Kruger
  • Francophone Film Festival (FFA) 2018: Facade Borsalino, in front of the outdoor screening


Rugby: Top 14 Grenoble for the 100th anniversary of the Sporting Club of Angoulême

Football: PSG Women’s Cup in France against Soyaux-Angoulême

Automobile : “Circuit des remparts”


On the occasion of the exhibition of the Angouleme Museum “Dinosaurs, the giants of the vineyard”, the hotel is adorned with a dinosaur facade.


Currently and until December 2019, the Hotel du Palais hosts an exhibition / sale of the creations of S.L. Moon, artist and decorator.